What is the canvas?

The canvas is where you compose your website. On the canvas you can create pages, and design them using either a range of building blocks or a range of preset page templates. You can also set your Search Engine Optimization tags, your contact email for contact forms, and your website icon (favicon). To get to your canvas, select your website from your websites page here and click on “Compose Website”

Where do I get my website URL?

Your website link appears on your canvas after you’ve published your website.

When you’ve published your website, the link will appear directly under your website name on your canvas.


I have not seen my confirmation mail

If you have just registered and have not seen your confirmation email yet, don’t worry. Sometimes it takes a while for the mail system to deliver emails to certain email addresses. Please wait a while, and you will receive it. If you still haven’t received a link after one hour, kindly contact